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What is LASIK?

LASIK stands for Laser in-situ keratomileusis and is a surgical procedure that corrects a variety of vision problems, reducing or eliminating the need for eyeglasses or corrective lenses. LASIK eye surgery is the most common type of refractive surgery and has improved the lives of many patients.

To understand how LASIK works, it’s best to have a general understanding of how vision works. When light enters the eye, it first passes through the cornea (the transparent, outer shell of the eye). The cornea bends the light rays and passes it through the lens, landing on the retina at the back of the eye.

Anatomy of the Eye

When light rays land in front of the retina, patients suffer from Myopia (or nearsightedness) and have trouble seeing objects in the distance. When the light lands beyond the retina, patients have Hyperopia (or farsightedness) and have difficulty with their near vision. Astigmatism is when the cornea is misshaped (ideally, it should be shaped like a baseball, not a football), once again causing light to land outside of the retina.

LASIK surgery uses a beam of cool light to reshape the top layer of the cornea, focusing the light and images correctly onto the retina. This procedure has very few side effects and is a great option for many individuals considering laser vision correction for a variety of personal and professional reasons. Although LASIK eye surgery may not promise perfect vision, it is a highly successful procedure that can reduce a person’s dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The lifestyle benefits can be tremendous for active and social people and these benefits can enable patients to more freely pursue their sports activities, career options, and hobbies.

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