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Until LASIK was approved by the FDA, there were very few options besides glasses and contacts to help patients with refractive conditions correct their eyesight. With the latest advances in Excimer Lasers, Femtosecond Laser Technology, and surgical procedures, there are several other options available to help patients seeking less dependence upon glasses or contacts. The important thing is to find the procedure that makes the most sense for your eyes and your visual goals. iLASIK, PRK, CK, Phakic IOLs, Natural Lens Replacement and KAMRA Corneal Inlay are just some of the common refractive procedures performed at Minnesota Eye Consultants.

It’s not unusual to hear our patients refer to their LASIK surgery as "a miracle." Patients who have relied on eyewear for years are astounded at their ability to see objects clearly across the room, or read a clock, just minutes after the procedure. Minnesota Eye Consultants' physicians and surgeons are regarded as true leaders in the development of LASIK, from its inception to approval by the Food and Drug Administration, to continuing research, training, and development. The practice serves as a teaching facility, training ophthalmologists and clinic professionals throughout the world on LASIK management.

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Minnesota Eye Consultants offers FREE LASIK screenings to new patients that have not had previous eye surgery! Take advantage of the opportunity to speak with a surgeon about the entire LASIK experience, including any worries that you might have. You can get answers to your questions directly from the doctors that perform the procedures.

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